An ecological approach for the future

We are all working on it: the environment. Consciously dealing with our limited resources. Nelissen also asks itself the following question: How can we deal with this as an environmentally friendly company? How can we use an ecological approach over the temporal borders?

Nelissen uses a 100% natural product: Löss. That's a good step in the right direction. The clay is mined in our own quarry. Then it is transported via conveyor belts to the factories. Here, the clay is processed ecologically. The clay is therefore an important part of our environmentally friendly approach.

Where can you find that ecological approach in the production process of Nelissen? That process is rather considered a recycling process. We don't spill anything! The same goes for to the life cycle of a facing brick. Clay is processed into bricks. Those bricks are made to build houses that stand for at least 100 years. Furthermore the bricks are recycled again after degradation. That way they serve as foundation material.

ISO 14001

As a manufacturer of ceramic facing bricks, we rely since many years on a quality management system in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard to control the quality and the environmental impact of our products and services. Additionally, we aim to certify an environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001.

Our policy is based on delivering sustainable and high quality products in accordance with the applicable requirements as a means of achieving customer satisfaction and improved environmental performance. Strict adherence to all relevant laws and other requirements is therefore of the highest importance.

The management and improvement of our environmental performance is already fully part of our policy. Concern for the environment is integrated into daily operations. By implementing an environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001, we take responsibility for the effectiveness of this management.

By constantly improving our operations and processes, we want to minimize the environmental impact resulting from our production process. Our activities are based on the following guidelines: minimum noise and dust nuisance on the environment, optimal waste management and an efficient use of energy, raw materials and water.

That is how Nelissen contributes to an ecologically built future for the next generations.
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