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Black with a white mask

The facade bricks (non-perforated) have five sand covered sides and one side with possible oblong groove. The structure looks rugged with fine and irregular grooves in the sandy surface. The baking process takes place in a gas-heated tunnel oven under slightly reduced atmosphere.

The brick colour is distinctly anthracite to coal black as a result of a homogenous mixture of the precise proportions of manganese oxide with grey-red baking clay. A light grey to white top layer/coating is applied on this hand moulded brick on the basis of a cement mixture. The colour scheme is nuanced. The subtle base colour can be seen through the cement coating. The colour may change in humid conditions and after drying out the cement coating will get
its true colour.
The colours shown are a near reflection of reality.

I would like to see some references of this brick, in my area.