From local family business to a major player on the international market.

Kesselt, 1921
Nelissen Bricks was founded by grandfather Nelissen on the plateau of Kesselt. This location has a lot of clay (Löss), the raw material of hand-moulded bricks.

A second factory was founded in Tienen. Why? The clay in Tienen has the same quality as the clay in Kesselt. And at that moment Tienen was an important city in Belgium. In 1982 this changes again. The production is concentrated again exclusively in Kesselt.

The sixties
The ring furnace makes room for the first tunnel kiln. In the 60s the tunnel dryer is introduced, therefore drying bricks is no longer seasonal. The industrialization comes with the development of moulding machines, which imitate the movements of the former professionals.

A second division with a high-tech brick oven is established.
The oven is over 100 meters long. This goes along with the establishment of Nelissen Industries NV. The drying chamber is also expanded and automated and new machinery is created.
Nelissen sees how its production has doubled to 50 million hand-moulded bricks per year.

Nelissen receives the Benor label in the highest category, in recognition of the excellent quality Nelissen produces.
Nelissen also gets a brand new office complex. It is a large showroom where everyone feels right at home.

The family business ventures to the next big step. The company succeeded in maintaining its independence as one of the few companies in the world of bricks. A brand new furnace, dryers, composing machine, packing installation, all fully automated and computer controlled, lift the production of Nelissen to a European level of 100 million bricks per year.

The quality system of Nelissen Bricks is certified according to NBN EN ISO 9001. Nelissen creates buildings that capture the imagination of everyone. Examples are the iron tower of Diksmuide, the Basilique of Koekelberg, Wijnegem Shopping Center, the County Hall and the prison of Hasselt, The Quay in Hasselt, the Town Square of Genk and soccer stadiums of Anderlecht, Standard and the King Baudouin Stadium, home of the Red Devils. The bricks of Nelissen find their way to over 20 countries. Important markets are the Netherlands, Germany, France, England, Italy, Sweden and Japan.

Nelissen was and remains the specialist in the production of hand-moulded bricks. The company reaches the highest level in terms of quality and colour shade. The perfect location, the natural resources, the high quality, the unmistakable craftsmanship, the years of experience and the use of up-to-date technology still guarantee the success of Nelissen Bricks.

Gaston Nelissen, Guido Gevers and Gisela Gevers have built Nelissen Bricks into a fixed value in the brick market with over 100 employees, passing on the torch to already the fourth generation of the family business. From now on, Carlos Jorissen and Joeri Gevers will take the commercial management of Nelissen Bricks on their behalf. The operational management will come in the hands of Burt Nelissen.

As well as investments in production, attention is also paid to increasing efficiency, by updating the industrial machines for the production of hand-moulded bricks and drying rooms and the modification and renovation of the kilns and packaging machines. The ultramodern new office complex, in which we welcome you today, is put into use. This is how, today, we are able to send 180 million bricks to the market every year.
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