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Grey like a little mouse

The (non-perforated) facing brick is sanded on five sides. The surface may be given a frog (a slanted oblong groove) on its bed. The structure looks rugged with fine and irregular grooves. The firing process takes place in a gas-heated tunnel kiln. The facing bricks of the Koloro series have a cement coating. The remarks below may be useful for the correct and successful use in the brickwork.

The brick has a brown-grey base. On the handmoulded brick a grey top layer/coating is applied based on a cement mixture. The colour scheme is nuanced. The colour may change in humid conditions, and after drying out the cement coating will get its true colour. The colours shown are a near reflection of reality.

The bricks have a front side and a back side: the tracks made by the conveyor belt may appear on the back surface, and there may be small uncoated areas in the coated surfaces. It is a matter of choice whether the processing is done in such a manner that only the front part of the bricks is visible (recommended), or with both the front or back sides of the bricks being visible.

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