Claustra: an aesthetic and functional win-win

At Nelissen, we are fans of groundbreaking architecture. One of the construction techniques you use to take a project to the next level is claustra masonry.

What is claustra ?
Claustra is a masonry technique in which facade bricks rest only with their ends (at least one quarter of the brick) on the underlying brick, creating openings in the facade. Those openings not only provide a unique visual effect, but also offer practical benefits.

What are the practical benefits of a claustra?
Claustra masonry is also called Brazilian masonry and for good reason. This technique was originally mainly seen in warm areas.
The "see-through holes" allow for optimal natural ventilation, providing cooling and a pleasant indoor climate while maintaining privacy and light. Killing several birds with one brick, as it also looks very artistic!

What to consider with claustra?
Proper anchoring of the underlying joinery and optimal drainage of rainwater are essential. In addition, the cavity walls must also be properly sealed.

Claustra is not just a building technique, but a true art form full of benefits that comes into its own with every Nelissen facing brick.
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