At Nelissen, we are committed to doing our part to ensure a sustainable future. An important step we took some time ago to reduce our impact on the environment is to reduce our water consumption. Our efforts to reduce our water consumption go hand in hand with our vision of sustainability and respect for the environment.

We use various techniques to minimize our water consumption, such as recycling water and implementing more efficient production methods. We'll gladly summarise the main points of our water policy here.

All rainwater that falls on our property is collected. In some places, rainwater first goes to a wadi (a storage and infiltration facility for rainwater) where it can infiltrate into the soil on site. When water levels in the wadi are high, the water is pumped over to a buffer basin, after which it can be introduced into the production process.

We use that rainwater for various purposes, such as making our clay plastic. Only in periods of long drought or rainwater scarcity is groundwater still used for this purpose. Collected water is also used in our office building, in which all of our toilets are connected to the rainwater system.

We also clean and reuse all rinse water from the moulds in the factory. This involves a closed circuit.

Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond our water consumption. This way, we continue to do our best to have a positive impact on our planet and the people who live on it!