Bling bling Russians

Did you know that ...

... the vast expanses of Russia are home to many wealthy Russians? The newly rich class in Russia, where one party has all the power, is willing to pay a lot of money to build villas with Nelissen bricks. They have fallen head over heals for Nelissen’s premium products. In other words: exclusive, high-quality bricks! Money is not an issue. They want Nelissen bricks to set themselves apart from the other nouveau riches. To them, the classic brick is a status symbol. A story about a young, exorbitantly wealthy couple confirms this fact. The couple moved into a very spacious home in Siberia. When a representative of Nelissen visited the couple to discuss bricks, they were very clear about two things. Firstly, they refused to talk about money. Money was not an issue. They ended up ordering EUR 50,000 worth of bricks.  Secondly, they wanted their dream home to be the only house in the entire village made from these bricks. 
Did you know…