The baekel brick

An exclusive Nelissen product

The wide range of Nelissen bricks includes the Baekel brick, created to give a "retro" touch to the new buildings.
The unique concept and timeless beauty of the Baekel brick are the result of the perfect combination of the modern brick efficiency and craftmanship with ancient masonry traditions.

This brick has a groove on one side. The effect of the half-brick is obtained by filling the groove with the mortar, which allows the bricklayers to perform the cross bonds simply by turning the groove inward or outward. This makes the time consuming task of cutting and felling the bricks unnecessary.

The cross bond gives a unique and authentic look to your garden wall, your chimney or living room. The exclusive concept behind the Baekel brick gives and added value to your home, reducing the costs of the traditional brickwork.

The wide range of the Baekel bricks includes Old Haspengouw Baekel Brick, Belle Epoque de Marche Baekel Brick, Old Limburg Baekel Brick, Old Gothic Baekel Brick and Kesseltse Klampsteen Baekel Brick.