Earth, Water, Fire and Air. These are natural elements that are necessary to make bricks as well as interior wall bricks. Bricks are made up of clay, natural product par excellence that does not contain harmful substances. The environmental impact is very low during excavation and completing a building made of bricks: Constructions sites have low noise levels, no bad smells and produce less waste. Fast construction/twin-wall bricks, the names are based on the fact that interior walls can be built quickly thanks to large formats that expose natural raw materials and typical perforations that together are responsible for the insulating character, without influencing stability or pressure resistance.

The Lücking interior bricks are available in different heights and thicknesses. The height of these interior bricks does not only determine the processing speed, but also the use of mortar per m².
The energy efficiency and construction duration of your house depends on the chosen construction.

To make your search for the perfect bricks a bit easier, Nelissen has divided the Lücking high-speed bricks into five categories:

Lücking standard construction bricks

These Lücking interior bricks with three flat sides and one ribbed side are suitable for the traditional brickwork of your house.

Lücking mortise and tenon construction bricks

These Lücking interior bricks are featured with mortise and tenon on the head. The height of this type of bricks determines the efficiency and insulation, the higher the brick, the higher the efficiency and the insulation.

Lücking efficient glue bricks

The perfect combination: mortise and tenon. This combination guarantees an even faster construction process and a higher insulation value of the wall structure of your house: a very economical brick!