Processing tips

Lücking standard construction bricks

Both the horizontal and head joints have to be fully placed in the mortar. The bricks for the interior walls have to be considered non-decorative. However, these high-speed bricks can be processed as visible, with the flat side to the front.

Lücking mortise and tenon construction bricks

These Lücking interior bricks are featured with mortise and tenon on the head. It is no longer necessary to fill the head joints with mortar. Both long sides are ribbed, and one side of the wall always has to be plastered in order to ensure the air-tightness. Therefore they can never be processed visibly.

Lücking efficient glue bricks

The perfect combination: mortise and tenon connection with a ground upper and lower surface to be glued.
This combination guarantees an even faster processing when building and a higher insulation value of the wall structure.