An all-in package for your home!

Whether you opt for a newly built house or a renovation, with the Iso-Façade of Nelissen Bricks you can tackle it all. This package’s big advantage is that you can adjust it to every architectural wish, as a result of which you cannot distinguish it from traditional brickwork.

The package includes insulation, stone strips, glue, threaded plugs and if desired quality grout from Seifert.

You can choose from the complete range of Nelissen Bricks facade bricks and you can even choose a traditional look with joint or a glued jointless effect.

Dependent on the possibilities and the energy values, to be obtained, the thickness of the insulation plates is calculated. Here you can also choose between the insulation plates with a Lambda value of 0.034 W/mK or 0.027 W/mK.

The grout is delivered in the colour selected by you.

The Iso-Façadee system is completely ATG certified and on top of that Nelissen Bricks offers a ten-year product warranty.


Insulation boards
The insulation consists of XPS (extruded polystyrene) which is highly water resistant, and can therefore be installed at or below ground level. This cannot be done with PUR or PIR.
The insulation boards are available in a range of thicknesses from 20 to 200 mm. All are tongue and groove jointed with pre moulded joint profiles for 50 or 65 mm facing brick slips. Lambda values are 0,035 or 0,027 W/mK.

Screw plugs
ETA certified screw plugs are supplied, suitable fort he thickness of insulation, and come complete with thermal caps to avoid thermal bridging.
Standard supply: 4 pcs/m² or 3 pcs/plate.

Bonding adhesive
Water resistant Casarock flexible adhesive is supplied, to both bond, the insulation to the substrate and the brick slips to the insulation.

Brick and corner brick strips
Brick and corner brick strips cut from the BENOR and CE certified Nelissen product range.

Joint mortar
If you choose a traditional look with joint, the joint mortar comes with the Iso-Façade package. This joint mortar, offered by Seifert, is water resistant, colorfast and available in every shade.

Aluminium start profile
This aluminum start profile with drip edge is not supplied as standard, but can be added to the order, if required. The start profile facilitates commencing on flat based surfaces, helps with the sloping parts, clinker treatment ...

This is not supplied as standard with the Iso-Façade package. However, compriband is recommended by the manufacturer to fit the ATG 14/2960 guidelines. Compriband is a pre-compressed sealing from foam, impregnated with a flame-retardant resin, which proved itself in the construction world for decades as a sure sealing for joints and connections against downpour.