Whitewash is a mineral cement paint that is being used for the authentic finish of façades, interior walls and ceilings for centuries.
The mineral paint is applied sufficiently thick with a scratch brush on old masonry in order to create a beautiful structure. The whitewash is applied a few millimetres thick so that the structure of the masonry remains visible, and the character of the façade does not change.

A wall that is covered with whitewash is much more resistant to all wind and weather conditions. The advantage of whitewash is that it is a breathable layer. Substances that would normally penetrate in and out a wall, such as substances that can be found in rain, can just keep doing that. This may seem unimportant, but a façade that is hermetically shut, can show considerable defects after some time.

SEIFERT® whitewash is a ready-made mineral cement paint.
Thanks to the exclusive "DUST FREE" technology of the whitewash, you enjoy a better working comfort and excellent usability.