N70: Building aesthetically and ecologically

The N70 is one of the standouts in Nelissen Bricks' range. This special-format, climate-friendly brick has everything you’d expect from a contemporary facing brick: aesthetic and ecological!

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Nelissen Bricks is happy to do its bit for a sustainable future. As part of our commitment to dematerialization, we are pleased to introduce a new, cost-effective format to our N70 range: N70/6,5.

n70/6,5: new format offers financial & environmental benefits

Exclusive format
N70/6,5 (± 240x70x65 mm) is an exclusive format for facing bricks, 3 cm narrower and 2.5 cm longer than a traditional WV 65 facing brick. This puts N70/6,5 in line as the larger family member alongside N70/4 (±240x70x40 mm) and N70/5 (±240x70x50 mm). Thanks to these unique dimensions, you enjoy several financial and aesthetic benefits.

Lower cost
A striking and important plus of N70/6,5 is undoubtedly its economical price. Compared to WV 65, N70/6,5 is at least 10% cheaper per m². The price per brick is identical, but because the special size of N70/6,5 means you need fewer bricks per m², you can save quite a bit!

Optimal transport
Thanks to the smart design of N70/6,5, you transport as much as 14% more bricks per full load compared to WV 65. This not only means fewer truck movements, but also significant savings in transportation costs.

Fast processing
Another impressive advantage is the required amount of bricks per square metre. Thanks to the efficient design of N70/6,5, you need at least 10% fewer bricks per m² compared to a WV 65 facing brick. An N70/6,5 also weighs 14% less than a WV 65, making it smoother to handle. These pluses accelerate the construction of your facade.

When using N70/6,5, you also save on mortar. Because the brick is 30% shallower than a WV 65, you also need 30% less (adhesive) mortar. So you save on mortar, which is again beneficial to your construction budget.

Lower energy bill
With N70/6,5, you get benefits at purchase, processing and commissioning. The less deep size of the brick offers two options: more interior space or better insulation. By using extra insulation, you will save on energy costs in the long run.

Aesthetic versatility
In addition to the financial benefits, N70/6,5 also offers aesthetic benefits. This special format complements the N70 range of slim facing bricks with an added bonus: N70/6,5 does not necessarily mean a sleek, modern facade, as it retains the flexibility to be processed in a more traditional way. From the 11 colours available in this format, you can effortlessly choose the perfect look for your construction project. There's something for everyone!

The N70 is available in these shades: