N70: Building aesthetically and ecologically

The N70 is one of the standouts in Nelissen Bricks' range. This special-format, climate-friendly brick has everything you’d expect from a contemporary facing brick: aesthetic and ecological!

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The N70 has an exclusive facing brick format: ±240 x 70 x 40 mm (N70/4) and ±240 x 70 x 50 mm (N70/5). Due to these dimensions, the N70 is not only 3 cm narrower, but also 3 cm longer than a traditional Waal format facing brick. A small change with a world of difference!

Ecological choice, from production to finishing

Choosing the N70 is the same as choosing an ecological facing brick. In fact, the N70’s ecological footprint is much smaller than that of a classic brick. This is because the CO2 emissions from the N70 are 25% lower than from a traditional facing brick (WV 50).

The manufacture of the N70 involves 30% less gas consumption than the manufacture of the traditional WV 50 facing brick format. A climate-friendly choice!

Due to its slender shape, the N70 weighs less than a traditional facing brick. The weight per m² on the truck is therefore also lower. This allows more bricks to be transported at once and ultimately makes transport more ecological.

The narrow model means that fewer stones are needed per m².  This also means that less mortar is needed than when working with traditionally sized bricks. You can save about 15% on mortar by using the N70/4, and up to 30% by using the N70/5.

So what happens when you use N70 facing bricks in a project? You create a sleek façade with a modern look! The N70 offers ecological advantages here, too: thanks to the thinner outer walls, you can create more interior space or additionally insulate the cavity walls. This, in turn, reduces your energy bills.

Will you choose the N70/5? Then you’ll feel it in your wallet too! In fact, the slender N70/5 facing bricks are up to 12% cheaper per m² compared to the traditional facing brick in WV 50 format.

The N70 is available in these shades: