When you enter the showroom of Nelissen, you will soon notice that you can choose from bricks in different sizes.

The size may seem less important than the colour or finish, but it still deserves some attention. In a bigger picture the size of the facing brick also determines the look of your project.

The Module bricks are ±19 cm long and can be obtained with a height of ±5 cm or ±6.5 cm.

Waal size bricks are ±21 cm long and can also be obtained with a height of ±5 cm or ±6,5cm.

Facing bricks of ±6.5 cm are ideal for high homes or large projects while bricks of ±5 cm give a more sophisticated look to the façade.

The Roman format of Nelissen Bricks has a length of ±21 cm and a height of ±4 cm. Thanks to the height-length ratio, your façade gets a linear, very modern look.

Nelissen Bricks has introduced a very exclusive size of facing bricks, the N70, available in a height of ±4 or ±5 cm. More information can be found here.

Nelissen Bricks now also produces a number of colors in the new size NNF (240x107x72 mm).