Ceramic interior wall bricks: an ecological and durable product.

Health and Comfort
Ceramic building materials provide an excellent environment and comfort in the home, thanks to good thermal and additional acoustic properties. This is thanks to subtle balance between porous structure, which provides the insulating character, and the material that, in addition to high pressure resistance, provides additional acoustic insulation. Since ceramic interior wall bricks are made of inert materials, toxic and allergen substances are not released. When you build with fired brick, you create an environment that is comfortable for all occupants!
Ecological and energy-saving construction

Green and energy efficient building
Passive construction with ceramic materials is the most cutting-edge development and noticeably cuts heating cost. Ceramic building materials already provide very low energy consumption in the home. Adding insulation materials in the hollow core of these new fast constructions/twin-wall bricks provides for the creation of extremely, strongly insulated fast construction bricks that can be used in wall construction in low-energy homes and even massive-passive walls (see Lambda Plus type). Ceramic interior wall bricks are, as with all remaining ceramic materials, thermally inert (accumulates warmth and then slowly releases it). The inert property results in additional comfort and contributes to energy-saving wall construction.
Moreover, ceramic interior wall bricks serve as a humidity regulator and thus, provide an ideal interior climate.
Ecology at its best!