Iso-Façade is an all-in-one system, that can both be placed by yourself or an expert.

Are you deft and not afraid to roll your sleeves up? Then place Iso-Façade yourself.

A couple of easy steps help you from start to finish to create your dream home. You can expect an on-site visit during which your project will be examined from A to Z.
An offer free of engagement, perfectly tailored to your needs, will follow. At the start of the work you can expect a free start up of the site, where we can set you up to find your way and where we answer all your questions you might have during the project. Of course you can also contact us with your practical questions during every phase of the project, through email or also by telephone +32 (0)12 / 44 02 44.

Do you prefer to have an expert take care of the placement? This is also possible.

Having an expert place the Iso-Façade for you will offer you some additional advantages. When renovating you will enjoy an inviting reduced VAT rate and you´ll also qualify for subsidies from the Flemish government.

Already found a contractor? Perfect! You can also expect our assistance with the start up in this case.
When you are still looking for a licensed contractor, it goes without saying that we would also like to assist you further in finding a good match.

Don´t hesitate and ask about our partners on or through our contact form.