Brick Slips

With brick slips or half bricks, an existing façade can be given a complete "makeover". These bricks can also be used for new or industrial buildings.

Slips and half bricks are cut out of the original facing bricks on request. Therefore they have the same characteristics and quality as full bricks. However, they are lighter and more convenient when processing.
Half bricks are approximately 4.5 cm to 5 cm thick, while brick slips are only ±2 cm thick.

Brick slips are always glued with specially designated (mortar) glue. Due to the thinness of a brick slip, the normal detailing of windows and doors can be maintained when applying these bricks. That way you can avoid high adjustment costs. For the corner cut on walls, window and door openings, there are special corner strips, through which the selected connection does not change and a perfect finish can be guaranteed.

Half bricks however are being cemented against an existing wall.
The corners are done exactly the same with half bricks and full bricks.

The entire range of Nelissen is available as brick slip or half brick.

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