Choosing Lücking means choosing warmth, high load capacity, fire protection, quiet and quality.

Excellent thermal insulating properties
Lücking interior bricks are made of clay that has been fired at a very high temperature. This provides for a durable and strong product with very good insulating properties. They provide warmth in the winter and a comfortable climate during the summer. The conglutination of these interior bricks provides an increase in the effectiveness of the thermal insulating properties of wall construction, because there are not mortar joints.

High load capacity
Lücking interior bricks have compression strength of over 15N/mm². Lücking interior bricks are suitable for both load-bearing and non-load-bearing walls thanks to this high value.

Fire protection
Lücking interior/twin-wall bricks are fired at a temperature of 950°C during the production process and do not contain flammable materials (Class AO non-flammable materials). Thus, Lücking interior bricks protect residents during a possible fire. Good noise insulating properties
Lücking interior bricks provide good sound absorption in the house thanks to a density of 850kg/m³. Even outside noise is shielded.

All Lücking interior bricks are CE certified. The CE certification verifies product conformity to BCCA European Guidelines. This is a specialized certification institute for building products and building systems, organizational systems, management systems, people and processes. Part of the Lücking interior brick is BENOR certified. For more than 20 years, the BENOR seal of quality has guaranteed bricks, among other things.
Lücking interior bricks are sold exclusively by Nelissen. The Nelissen quality management system is certified according to NBN EN ISO 9001. As the builder, you can be sure that Lücking interior bricks conform to the highest standards of quality.