Did you know ...

... that Nelissen  exports more than 50 percent of its annual production of bricks? The rest are delivered to customers all over Belgium. Currently, Nelissen bricks are delivered to more than 50 countries. Our bricks are not only in great demand in Great Britain and Germany, but they also sell like hot cakes in Russia and in the Middle East. Even in the Far East, they are keen on the brickwork from Kesselt. In addition to the quality of the bricks, the key factor supporting the extensive export of the bricks is the enormous mix and variety of their colours. But of course, there is more to it than that when selling bricks in a foreign country.

The representatives who work for Nelissen  abroad know to take into account the culture, customs, and traditions of the countries in which they work. These customs differ from country to country and even from region to region. Take, for example, Russia. Russians are accustomed to going to the sauna. They call it ‘the banja’. That is where business deals are made. Jeroen Bartels, Export Director at Nelissen, has first-hand experience with this. He has made many a deal in the banya with his regular contacts in Russia, ultimately sending loads of bricks to Moscow and even to Siberia. Samples of the bricks are literally brought to the table in the banja. There, negotiations take place in a relaxed and sweaty atmosphere - again literally - accompanied by the drinks and nibbles that are typical of Russian culinary customs. 
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