Nelissen invests in the builders of the future

In October 2021, there were 100 candles on the Nelissen Steenfabrieken birthday cake. VTI Deinze, a local technical and vocational secondary school, also celebrated its 100th birthday last year. The long-awaited Open House at VTI was finally held at the beginning of May 2022, and Nelissen was also represented there!

Nelissen donated a few pallets of Dubio facing bricks to the students in VTI’s Construction Department. The occasion? Stijn Verhaegen, a teacher in the Construction Department at VTI, was inspired by the Dubio facing bricks after visiting Nelissen's showroom in Lanaken. “And between us centenarians, I asked Nelissen if they could spare a few Dubio pallets, and they could,” explains Verhaegen.

Builders of the future

"We are very happy that companies like Nelissen contribute in this way. It is important to invest in the construction sector, because schools like ours are training new builders and, in doing so, ensuring the future of the construction industry. The palettes we received will last us some three to four years. When we build walls, we break them down afterwards and reuse the bricks.”


“The third-year Construction students (14-15 year olds) were very happy to be able to work with a new type of brick, such as the Dubio,” says Verhaegen. The walls that were built with them were inspired, among other things, by elements that he found in Nelissen's showroom. The resemblance is striking, and the result is great! “That's right, we are very proud of our students’ creations. Several architects asked me afterwards for Nelissen's contact details – one more positive ending to this story!"

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