Bricks: An incombustible choice

When it comes to fire safety, it's important to select building materials carefully. Therefore, it is reassuring to know that bricks are classified in the best fire reaction class: A1.
Class A1 materials do not participate in the fire at any time and do not contribute to the fire source. In addition, bricks produce no smoke (S1) and no burning droplets (D0). In other words, bricks are incombustible and have no impact whatsoever in a fire.

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Safety first
Fire reaction class A1 confirms that bricks are a safe choice for a variety of applications. Whether for residential construction or large construction projects, bricks offer a fire-safe solution.
When it comes to fire safety, choosing bricks is synonymous with peace of mind. With the A1 fire reaction class, bricks offer not only durability and aesthetics, but also a high degree of safety.
> Check out the fire safety sheet of the Belgian Brick Federation 
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