Nelissen Steenfabrieken opens doors of impressive office building with ground-breaking showroom

At the beginning of 2019, Nelissen Steenfabrieken literally put its need to innovate in the spotlight with new state-of-the-art headquarters, including an impressive, eye-catching showroom, on the Kiezelweg in Kesselt, Lanaken. The building represents the triple foundation of the company: innovation, co-creation, and sustainability.

The fourth generation of the Nelissen Steenfabrieken family company means business. By opening this state-of-the-art office building and experimental showroom designed by the Architectengroep PSK and UAU collectiv, Nelissen Steenfabrieken will resolutely take the lead as the forerunner in the brick industry in 2019.

The new building houses digital experimentation rooms for designers, an Experience room with a large curved, 180°-screen, and meeting rooms that can be reserved for project consultations or other meetings. “The renewed site will act as a facilitator for creative people who want to work with us to move the construction sector forward sustainably,” said the directors.

The brick as a work of art
The new showroom contains a museum route where the visitor discovers the brick as an art object in both real life and virtual reality. “We are combining the tangible showroom, as everyone knows it, with the ever-progressive digital world,” said the CEOs. “The visitors are immersed in a digitally tinted customer experience journey.”

Innovation with heart and soul
The new office is listed as a milestone in the company’s history books, but the family is already focusing on the next steps of the investment process. “By mid-2019, we will have a completely updated plant with renewed machinery, adapted ovens, and brand-new drying chambers, producing 185 million bricks per year.”

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