Nelissen Bricks considers customer-friendliness and quality of paramount importance. We are driven by our continuous pursuit of maximum customer-friendliness and always put the needs of our customers first. Environment and durability are concepts familiar to Nelissen and the production process at Nelissen is a leading example of this. Nelissen Bricks is ISO 9001 (quality) and ISO 14001 (environment) certified.

ISO 9001
The ISO 9001 certification confirms that Nelissen Bricks organizes itself through a quality management system to meet customer demand and thus deliver quality products.

ISO 14001
As producer of ceramic facing bricks we currently have an integrated quality and environment management system in accordance with ISO 9001 and 14001 to control the quality and the environmental effect of our products and services. Our policy aims to deliver durable products of high quality in a safe and environment-friendly way in accordance with the demands that are applicable, to thus establish satisfied customers and improved environmental accomplishments. Through improving our activities and processes continuously we want to limit the environmental pollution, resulting from our production process.

The European harmonized standard NBN EN 771-1 "Requirements for masonry bricks - Part 1: Masonry Brick" explains, the characteristics that apply in the context of the CE marking. The mandatory CE marking indicates that the manufacturer guarantees the essential product characteristics meet the stated performance. The European Construction Products Regulation (CPR) indicates that a declaration of performance (DoP = Declaration of Performance) must be provided and that the CE marking must be affixed.

This product certificate, issued based on the Dutch assessment guideline for the NL-BSB product certificate for ceramic products, states that the product meets the set environmental hygienic demands, set in the Building material resolution.
The requirements of the Building Materials handle the identification of the composition of a building material or product, and the maximum leaching behavior. With this assessment, it is possible to declare quality statements about the environmental characteristics of the products.

The BENOR certificate indicates that Nelissen bricks meet the BENOR mark PTV23-002 for masonry bricks, on the basis of a production check-up.

Baustoffüberwachung BÜW
This certificate indicates that Nelissen bricks meet the Baustoffüberwachung büw DIN V 105-100 norm, on the basis of a production check-up. This certificate is issued by the Institut für und Überwachung von Baustoffen GmbH in Germany.

ATG certificate
With the innovative ISO•Façade system Nelissen obtained an ATG Certificate.
The Technical Approval Department coordinates at the WTCB all Belgian and European activities, running within the framework of the delivery of Technical Approvals for construction products and construction systems. These Technical Approvals are better known as quality statements under the “ATG” label. The ATG label implies that the construction product or construction system has been assessed favourably, which is mentioned as such in the Technical Approval in question. Therefore you can be certain of the reliable quality of ATG certified products. You can always refer to the website http://www.butgb.be/ for more information.

Brickmakers Quality Charter
Nelissen Steenfabrieken's facing bricks hold the Brickmakers Quality Charter (BQC) certificate. This ensures buyers that we produce our facing bricks according to a set of internationally recognized labor, quality, energy and environmental standards.

Certain products marketed in Britain must comply with UKCA (UK Conformity Assessment) regulations from 2025. Nelissen Steenfabrieken's facing bricks already meet the standard. UKCA in Britain is similar to CE marking in Europe.

The Gost-R certificate is a conformity certificate proving that the products are in conformity with the Russian criteria.

Management statement
In the management statement, the Management Board describes how it intends to implement and carry out the company's policy.
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