Nelissen Brickworks has a world first with their new innovative brick

Simply genius and genially simple news from brickland! Brick manufacturer Nelissen Brickworks and product designer Roel Vandebeek surprise the sector with a world premiere: The Dubio. The Dubio is one brick with shadow gaps that brings forth the illusion of two thinly stacked bricks. This offers seemingly creative options, that were seen as impossible until recently, which translate not only into an economical return, but ecological as well.

The chapter of the brick is not even close to finishing, was the thought of Designer Roel Vandebeek of design agency ‘It’s a Roel’ from Maasmechelen. He took his concept of the shadow gaps and introduced it to Nelissen Brickworks in Lanaken. The manufacturer immediately saw the potential of the idea, patented it and proposed to use its N70 brick as a base. Designer Roel Vandebeek added the shadow gaps to the N70 brick which creates the illusion that a wall is built out of remarkably thin bricks. Today the designer and the brick manufacturer will present the Dubio on the Hands on Design show in Ghent. The product will be available on the market at the end of 2017 or during the course of 2018.

The brick that makes you doubt
As a product designer Vandebeek is in touch with architects on a regular basis meaning he has a good grasp not only of the trends, but also the necessities within the construction world. “Architects are very fond of glued brick facades plus the demand for an original linear pattern keeps increasing” according to Vandebeek. To fill in this need, the designer in cooperation with Nelissen offers a sustainable solution, the Dubio-brick. “The brick has the ability to make you doubt because of its shadow gaps, these gaps create the illusion that the façade is built up out of thin bricks. An innovative breakthrough!

Innovation and creativity
The Dubio has the ability to form creations that were previously impossible with a conventional brick. “You get one brick, but it looks like two surprisingly thin bricks stacked on top of each other. They are so thin that you can’t produce them the traditional hand moulded way.” Says Joeri Gevers, managing director at Nelissen Bricks. According to him, the innovative concept offers limitless possibilities: ”vertical, horizontal or even wavy shadow gaps, everything is possible. You can place this brick vertically, horizontally or even in irregular bond. The Dubio offers the possibility for the architect to use his creativity in a completely new way.”

Sustainable ROI
The N70 brick will form the basis of the new Dubio Brick. This slim brick is three centimetres thinner than a standard brick which leaves extra space for wall insulation or plain liveable space. If the Dubio is used in a construction project, then the total amount of required bricks is 30% less than when conventional bricks are used which in turn results in a 30% cost reduction logistically. This way, the brick manufacturer offers architects the possibility to combine aesthetics and sustainability.

Not only for the architects, but also for the bricklayer the Dubio has some benefits in store. Since the new brick is higher than a conventional brick, it can also be layed twice as fast. The lining pattern of the brick continues from the stretch side over the header side so the bricklayer doesn’t need to cut the bricks in order to mitre the bricks.


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