Get inspired by our moodboards: Solar Age 2

Nelissen is keen to stay on top of recent trends. That's why we've been working with trend studio Francq Colors for a while now. The result of the latest collaboration are 12 inspiring and contemporary mood boards combining our bricks with complementary products. Bricks not only provide a robust foundation for a construction project. They also add aesthetic value, especially when combined with the right materials.

Moodboard series 5: Solar Age 2

These days, people are looking at the sun more than before. They’re feeling hopeful and positive, like there’s finally some brightness coming. This theme is all about the sun’s colors, which signify warmth and positivity. It is about a new way of living together with the sun.

“This palette feels like a warm blanket on a cold night.”

The first color palette within Solar Age has a mix of neutral and warm colors. The color Golden Brown in particular is a color we’ll see returning in different combinations. We also have some bright accent colors like Helio Orange, Planet Pink and Spacey Blue, adding the brightness of the sun. Neutral colors like Mist and Cosy Cream make this palette complete by giving that extra glow.

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