Colortrend: Remind 1

For the last two years, almost everything revolved around our physical health. Health became big business, a new luxury on which we don’t mind splurging. However, the pandemic also confronted us with mental (in)stability. Generation Z, the trendsetters of the future, were hit hard by the quick succession of bad vibes during an essential phase in their development. ‘Freedom day’ set out to be a big party. What followed was a period filled with doubts, instability and even war. A whole lot of reasons to be more careful.

For a few years now, we’ve been seeing increased attention towards mental health issues, which were a taboo for far too long. Celebrities such as Britney Spears and Billie Eilish show that mental issues are quite common and that they should be talked about more often. Everything that eases the mind is becoming a big trend. On one hand, the pandemic urged us to realize how crucial our well-being is. On the other hand, it also drew attention to the way our behavior can influence our mental resilience.

Because of that, living needs to be made as comfortable and as healthy as possible. Ergonomic furniture draws a lot of attention, for instance. It has to help us find the perfect posture while sitting down or sleeping, but at the same time it also has to have good looks. In places where hygiene is important, like the bedroom or kitchen, we opt for materials that are easy to maintain and keep clean. These materials feel distant, but that is compensated for in other places, with a lot of tactility in the interior: huggable furniture, tactile floor and wall coverings or ceramics that have more relief than usual. We also see a lot of milk glass: it looks less sharp and, in combination with soft colors, it starts looking really tactile, almost like soap. Milk glass or structured glass, translucent curtains and parchment are used to divide rooms without cutting off light.


Most of all, a same and comforting feeling is created. Organic and embracing shapes are supposed to evoke a ‘womb feeling’. In combination with the soft color palette, it gains something feminine. Of course, color also has a big impact on our mental state. In this theme, we most often see colors that suggest some kind of balance. The palette brings rest and destimulates thanks to the new neutral colors: a series of variations on beige, ranging from a calming off-white and comforting yellow to light brown. These colors combine excellently with the feminine duo of red and pink, which radiates luxury and elegance.

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