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Brand overview: Levis Atelier | Cosentino

Nelissen is keen to stay on top of recent trends. That's why we've been working with trend studio Francq Colors for a while now. The result of the latest collaboration are 12 inspiring and contemporary mood boards combining our bricks with complementary products. Bricks not only provide a robust foundation for a construction project. They also add aesthetic value, especially when combined with the right materials.
Moodboard series 1: Feeling Blue

Brand overview: Levis Atelier | Cosentino
Feeling Blue is based on change and impermanence. The transition to a new time creates melancholy and paralysis, as everything is constantly changing and nothing lasts forever. The element of water is used as a symbol of this volatility. Ice caps are melting, glaciers are disappearing and new landscapes are appearing.

Brand overview: Levis Atelier | Cosentino | ntgrate
We are on the edge between a doomsday scenario and the positive possibilities that may yet come. Although the future seems uncertain, there is also room to dream and take action yourself for a better future. The theme focuses mainly on finding hope in dark times.

Brand overview: Levis Atelier | ntgrate | Cosentino | Berry Alloc

Blue, the colour of water, is seen as an antidote to negative emotions and represents hope. Materials such as glass show our vulnerability, while reflective materials encourage us to reflect. Flowing forms symbolise impermanence.

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