Get inspired by our moodboards: Classic Core

Brand overview: Carpentier | Brachot | Joli | Stoopen & Meeus

Nelissen is keen to stay on top of recent trends. That's why we've been working with trend studio Francq Colors for a while now. The result of the latest collaboration are 12 inspiring and contemporary mood boards combining our bricks with complementary products. Bricks not only provide a robust foundation for a construction project. They also add aesthetic value, especially when combined with the right materials.

Moodboard series 2: CLASSIC CORE

Brand overview: Carpentier | Joli | Stoopen & Meeus

In the Classic Core theme, we literally go back to the great classics, we reach back to established values, think classics from art, literature, music or fashion. We return to the classy look of the 1990s, as well as from the Roman Empire. The classic colors are camel, burgundy, vintage pink and bottle green combined with wood and marble.

Brand overview: Carpentier | Joli | Brachot | Stoopen & Meeus

With the economic realities we live in today, we prefer to invest in certainties and make purchases that we know will last. Timeless designs and luxurious looks are inescapable today. Warm materials are combined with warm colors and luxurious fabrics.

Brand overview: Carpentier | Brachot | Stoopen & Meeus
In the Classic Core theme, luxury is defined by tailor-made furniture, craftsmanship and fine materials. Less fleeting and with a guarantee of quality. Refinement is especially important: true luxury is in the finish and detail.

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