N70/6,5: new format from Nelissen Bricks offers financial and environmental benefits

"The introduction of the N70/6,5 marks an important step toward a more sustainable future," says Carlos Jorissen.

Lanaken/Brussels, 29/05/2024 - Nelissen Bricks introduces N70/6,5: a new facing brick format with many financial and ecological advantages. The launch will take place at Architect@Work in Brussels, not coincidentally a trade fair that brings together innovations in the construction industry. The introduction of this new format is an important milestone in Nelissen's climate roadmap and underscores its commitment to budget-friendly and ecological building.

N70/6,5 is the third variant in Nelissen Bricks' N70 series, after N70/4 and N70/5. Due to its exclusive format (±240x70x65 mm), N70/6,5 is not only 3 cm narrower, but also 2,5 cm longer than a traditional facing brick (WV 65). These special dimensions bring many ecological and financial benefits.

Value for money
N70/6,5 allows for faster construction of the façade because 10% fewer bricks are required per m² (compared to WV 65). This also brings a significant financial benefit. Since 10% fewer bricks are needed per square meter, builders can also save 10% on their facade. This makes the new format particularly attractive since it is important to build more efficiently, more sustainably and more cost-consciously today.

Nelissen is also strongly focused on dematerialisation with the introduction of N70/6,5. "Last year we, along with a number of other producers in the brick sector, signed a charter affirming our commitment to the transition to a low-carbon society by 2050. That means we are committed to thinking about how to reduce our energy and resource use without sacrificing quality and functionality. N70/6,5 is a great outcome of this thought process and fits perfectly within the context of dematerialisation," says Carlos Jorissen, one of the three CEOs of Nelissen Bricks.
In fact, a brick in the new format is 14% lighter than a traditional WV 65 facing brick. This not only provides 14% more bricks per transport, but also reduces truck movements (and transportation costs).

A step towards a sustainable future
"The introduction of the N70/6,5 thus marks an important step toward a more sustainable future," says Carlos Jorissen. "By reducing weight while optimising the format without sacrificing quality or aesthetics, we demonstrate that innovation, sustainability and price-consciousness go hand in hand."

N70/6,5 is available in 11 modern colors. 
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