Nelissen is strong together

These are challenging times for every sector. Some companies are at a standstill. Others, such as construction companies, continue the work, but they rely on their suppliers. This is why Nelissen Steenfabrieken will stay available. Even private individuals can still come to find the bricks they want for their dream project. Although this will be via a virtual showroom.

Nothing changes for trade and companies at Nelissen Steenfabrieken. Orders can be placed and collections are possible. “I have the utmost respect for all our employees who are doing everything possible to keep this going”, says Roberta Melis of Nelissen Steenfabrieken.

The only thing not possible is to arrange a visit to the showroom, although the website offers a good alternative. “Architects and private individuals can visit our virtual showroom to look through our entire collection of bricks. Each brick is supplemented with reference images, technical data sheets, 3D files for design, processing instructions, etc. You can also create your own mix, and choose elements such as joints, size and masonry.”

Request a sample, as well as reference addresses to visit later: it's all possible. “The preparatory work in search of a dream brick can therefore be done.”

On the way to 100

This year Nelissen Steenfabrieken celebrated its 99th anniversary. This means 2021 is set to be a dazzling centenary. The first preparations are already being made for this. “We are working with event agencies via video call to examine the options: which activity, which location, etc. One thing is certain: we’re enthusiastic it’s going to be a great event for us all.”

Spotted from the air

For several weeks, VTM Nieuws and HLN have been sending a drone into the air to connect people. The flight path recently ran over the municipality of Lanaken. And Nelissen Steenfabrieken creatively came up with a positive message. It produced beautiful images.

“Samen Sterk! [Strong Together] Our own heroes joined forces to create this spectacular eye-catcher. A powerful message with which we want to support everyone in these challenging times.”

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