Bat Brick

Did you know ...

... that Nelissen Brickworks also dares to produce extremely unique bricks? The so-called Bat Brick, a brick for bats, is a good example of this. One day Arnold van Huet - the Dutch businessman and founder-director of Crest, which imports Nelissen bricks to England - received an extraordinary phone call. The man on the line identified himself as Mister Batman. He asked if van Huet could supply bricks for bats. Arnold thought it was a joke and politely ended the call. But a few weeks later, the man called again. He asked if he could pay a visit to Arnold's office in England. Which he did!

Mister Batman had been appointed by the British government to find places where the winged creatures could hibernate undisturbed, safely and in the right climatic conditions. He was looking for a brick with a small passageway. Large enough for the bats to fly through, into and out of their winter hotel. And on the inside, the brick had to have a niche in which the bats could hang. In short, he wanted a brick that looked almost like an ashtray with a hollowed-out space in which you could place a cigar. Arnold took this concept to Nelissen Brickworks, which was willing to produce the special brick. Since Mister Batman only ordered a limited quantity of Bat Bricks, the whole project was not profitable, but Nelissen dared to make them anyway.

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