Discover Klinker Historika’s recovery bricks

We recently added Klinker Historika's recuperation facing bricks to our product range. Klinker Historika 'harvests' facing bricks from large demolition projects and gives them a second life. We are delighted that we can now offer these facing bricks, with many advantages for your building project and the environment.

Large quantities available
Klinker Historika is always involved in large demolition projects, which allows them to constantly offer batches of facing bricks in large volumes. Stocks range between 100 000 and 1 000 000 units in WV 50 format.

Klinker Historika is the benchmark when it comes to circularity. They take care of the entire facing brick recycling process in the Netherlands and Germany. Each harvested batch of bricks undergoes thorough testing and is then provided with a comprehensive report. As a result, we confidently reuse them in various construction projects.

95% CO2 reduction
The Institut für Ziegelforschung Essen has analyzed the carbon footprint of Klinker Historika’s facing bricks. The verdict? Recycled facing bricks reduce CO2 emissions by as much as 95%. With only 14.5 kg of CO2 per tonne, these facing bricks offer an environmentally friendly alternative to the production of new facing bricks.

The facing bricks, taken from 100-year-old facades, are carefully harvested and then reused as a fully certified product.

Available colours
Nelissen offers the following Klinker Historika colours in its range:

Yellow moulded

Bronze moulded

Mix red hand-moulded - mouled


Recovery bricks are always unique per site where they are harvested and therefore regularly differ in colour and size. As a result, colour and dimensional stability cannot be guaranteed.

Do you have any questions about the recovery bricks from Klinker Historika? Feel free to contact us. We’ll be happy to help you out!
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